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Rock Solid Apologia is the world's one and only apologetics satire site
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Welcome to the World's One and Only Apologetics Satire Site!

Many Christians young and old long to read about the good old days when Joseph Smith lost the 1844 campaign for President due to election interference from John Calvin. They yearn to hear the untold story of how Charles Taze Russell got his understanding of the Holy Spirit from Star Wars. Many wonder why so many atheists are looking for the Da Vinci Code on the History Channel, or how Jesus was rushed to the hospital after surviving crucifixion. Rock Solid Apologia is the best Christian apologetics resource available for questions such as these. 

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G.K. Chesterton once commented that the test of a true religion rests in whether or not you can joke about it. We hope to ensure Christianity passes the test! From the epic sarcasm of Tertullian to the funny retorts of Martin Luther, satire has been defending truth, since the way, the truth, and the life Himself became incarnate. We provide rock solid Christian truth, along with rock solid apologetics satire.

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